alive isn't sad // it is when it's over (dramaturgy) wrote,
alive isn't sad // it is when it's over

I think I'm starting to teach angevin2's students. I definitely just read a production critique that was supposed to be of my production of the play Spring Awakening which went up last month. Except she definitely summarizes the musical and doesn't give any salient details of the actual show including actor names or anything. They mostly talk about how the musical acts were omitted and how we had a minimalist production. Basically nothing she couldn't have gotten from a friend who went to see it and a little Googling.


ETA: Yeah, so the highlight of that critique was when she claimed that Wendla was unknowingly pushed into an abortion (true) and then died due to amnesia (I think you mean anemia sweetheart, and, no, false). She got a 15/100 because her mechanics were passable enough to get her 5/10 and since she did actually break it up into paragraphs I gave her 10/30 on the structure part of the rubric.

Between this one and the girl who basically claimed that The Vagina Monologues were too feminist and made men look like the bad guys (those poor men) I am just ready to give up, give everyone else 85/100, and call it a day because what if those aren't the worst things I read. What if. THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH VODKA I CAN DRINK.

What if.
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