[Marvel] Hawkeye in the sky.

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There’s this dream I keep having, I’ve had it probably five or six times over the last few months. Now, I’ll openly admit to being something of a clothes horse and being awful at weeding things out that I don’t wear, but in this dream I’m having the Nothing To Wear syndrome, despite that my closet is full, and I keep looking for this one specific article of clothing. The stuff in my closet is stuff that I don’t actually own or haven’t owned in years, and I just keep digging through the closet looking for this one piece of clothing that I guess I would like to wear.

Yeah I’m sure that doesn’t mean anything, right? :P
[Misc] Stage Manager.

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Well, even if I don't know where to proceed with getting out of this town and back into a theatre, I suppose opening a bunch of tabs from offstagejobs.com is a start.
[DW/T] I'm sorry.

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omg I just started downloading the Christmas special and I’m not ready. I’m not ready for Eleven to go.

As much as I love Ten, I feel like Eleven is “my” Doctor. And normally I hate that phrase because they are all the Doctor, even if they bring out very different parts of his personality, they are all the same character. But I caught up just after it was announced David was leaving, and the year after I caught up, he regenerated. So Eleven is really the first Doctor I’ve gotten to experience the way everyone else does — one episode at a time, in one season (or half season) chunks.

And I know there is an entire contingent of people who hate Moffat’s handling of the show, but you know what? He has missteps but if I wanted any entertainment that wasn’t problematic, I’d be in huge trouble. I like Moffat’s multiseries arcs with Eleven, and I liked that we didn’t get all the answers in a neat little bow at the end of the season, even if we thought we did. I love how much it gave me to think about, and how it made me love the Doctor even more.

I’m excited for Peter Capaldi and his journey as the Doctor, but Matt Smith will always hold a special place in my heart not just as a consummate actor of my generation and all around nice guy, but as the Eleventh Doctor.
[SH] Shoot.

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So this person has music for DL on their site, which is cool, including a CD that I REALLY, REALLY NEED BADLY WANT. But when you click to go to it, you have to fill out a survey, which THEN requires like at least two other tasks which involve money spent for shipping and handling and shit like that and do you know how cool that ISN’T?

Like, yeah, I may not buy a lot of music because I’m poor, and download it all, and maybe the artist doesn’t see any cash because of that. But at least I am not putting it online and then MAKING MONEY OFF IT FOR MYSELF.

Person who runs that shithole of a website: I hope your Wifi becomes terminally spotty. I hope your router dies. I hope the RIAA cracks you so hard your grandmother feels it. I hope viruses infect your computer. I hope your hard drive fries in the computer. I hope all your music and porn disappears. I hope every time you take a step for the rest of your life it feels like you are walking on legos. I hope your download speeds are throttled into non-existence.
[Glee] Rocky Horror.

I get into horror movies right around Halloween...

If you want a horror movie and slasher type flicks don’t do it for you, I recommend The Poughkeepsie Tapes. It’s a documentary style horror film about a fictional serial killer. (Warning: the eponymous tapes do depict abuse and torture of a physical, mental, and sexual nature. It’s rated R, and it definitely earned it. It’s a hard R.)

If ghost/supernatural stories are more your thing, I recommend The Unborn. A young woman’s life is in danger from a dybbuk, who apparently came into this world after the death of a young boy in Auschwitz. It’s a little cheesy but it’s not nearly as campy as it could have been, and there are some good jump scares in it.