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Icons - Firefly set for tarot_challenge

This is an icon set that I made of Firefly for tarot_challenge, and so with each icon is going to be a little explanation. In numbering the icon order, I got a little help from Wikipedia, and I have to say that I'm not a tarot reader (that was a disclaimer, folks) but it was truly an icon challenge, and a great way to spend my Saturday night. I had fun. Accompanying each icon is a spiel that I used as a guide in the tarot_challenge community, bolded are the characteristics that I used to inspire the icon, and a short explanation where I feel necessary.

As always:
1. Comment and credit if you take.
2. Don't be a tool and pass them off as your own.
3. My resources are here.

Represents: Unavoidable mistakes, due to your own (often deliberate) ignorance. Complete folly.
Positives: Folly, thoughtlessness, extravagance, lack of discipline, delirium, frenzy.
Negatives: Carelessness, negligence, apathy. Hesitation, instability.

Poor Tracey. Never could get his life workin' after the war, and he ended up dead because he didn't trust the Sarge. ;_;

Represents: Human intelligence; wordly wisdom. Control of (or, the need to control or manipulate) the forces that operate this world.
Positives: strength of will, intuition, self-control, self-confidence, autonomy, diplomacy. The positive qualities in humankind: skill, initiative, intelligence, discernment, and comprehension.
Negatives: Cleverness, lack of scruples, trickery, cunning, subtlety. An intriguer, a liar, a charlatan, a rogue; one willing to exploit the weaknesses and trust of others.

Well. Book seemed like the only good choice for this one. He is, on the one hand, a Shepherd, but before that he seemingly had a life that was less than holy, one that apparently made him pretty important to the Alliance. And let's face it, Shepherd's a quick study at thievery. ;)

Represents: Divine wisdom, enlightenment. Understanding of (or the need to understand) the reasons things work the way they do.
Positives: Wisdom, serenity, knowledge and understanding. Judgement, learning, mystery, science, art.
Negatives: Superficial knowledge, even ignorance; inability to judge events and issues clearly; muddy thinking; prejudice and one-sidedness. Also, a reluctance or fear of making decisions.

One of my favorite scenes in the pilot, Book and Inara come to an understanding. He confesses he isn't sure he's on the right ship, and she says maybe he's where he needs to be. And I think we can all agree that he was.

Represents: The Mother, procreation, and domestic harmony--not just in the individual home, but in society as a whole.
Positives: Fruitfulness of action, beauty, personal development and progress. Domestic harmony. Marriage, and matrimony. Long life.
Negatives: The unknown. Doubts and difficulties. Indecision. Selfishness. Loss of power. Vacillation, ignorance.

I know, I know. I wasn't sure about Kaylee as a choice for this either at first but the more I thought about it, the more I couldn't see it being anyone else. I'll be dipped if the phrase "domestic harmony" describes someone on the show better than Kaylee. And development, well - by the BDM she was at least able to hold a gun and shoot straight. :) I love Kaylee, I really do.

Represents: The Father. Wordly power, and protection of those for whom he is responsible.
Positives: Authority, accomplishment, wordly power, stability, wisdom, ambition, reasoned action. Leadership, and ability to govern wisely. Compassion. Protection. Aid. Goals reached and won.
Negatives: Immaturity and confusion. Loss of power. Problems with enemies. Inability to reach goals; dissipation of energy.

"You're on my crew. Why are we still talking about this?" Uh. Hel-lo. Mal is a captain, period.

Represents: Divine Will; interpretation of the Law of God in terms of personal and social codes of behavior.
Positives: Mercy, goodness, kindness, alliance. Creativity. The search for Truth. Understanding and inspiration. Moral courage.
Negatives: Extreme conservatism; over-kindness or over-conformity. Servitude, captivity, weakness. Need of social approval and acceptence.

The first of my situational icons (where the cap in the icon in context represents the card). At this point in War Stories Book has already said that the Bible's very clear on killing, but "is a bit fuzzier on the subject of kneecaps." So he's not fond of the idea of killing to rescue the captain, but he'll break a few kneecaps. Woohoo.

Represents: Union of opposites; commitment.
Positives: Attraction, love, problems or trials overcome by harmony, union, cooperation. Wise decisions.
Negatives: Failure, conflict, division, immature planning, frustration. Unrealistic goals. Poor choices. Unhappiness.

Wash and Zoe. Wifesoup, he must've done good! These two are a most unlikely pair but they're so damned cute you have to love them. And if you don't love them then I'm not sure we can be friends anymore. (... Just kidding, but um, would you give your opinion serious reconsideration?)

Represents: Victory. Mastery of opposing forces by decision and strength of will.
Positives: Conquest. Triumph over enemies or obstacles. Revenge. Victory over great odds; also, mastery of opposing forces. Can also mean recieving help or advice in a moment of great need.
Negatives: Conflict, war, trouble. Defeat or disharmony. Quarrels, disputes. Being overpowered.

"Didn't she shoot you one time?"
"... Everybody's makin' a fuss!"
Well. Mal shot her horse and he took the money even though they were outnumbered something like 2:1. There's fun odds.

Represents: Overcoming obstacles. Spiritual strength and force of will. Victory over overwhelming odds.
Positives: Force of will, moral strength. Personal vitality. Courage, triumph. Fortitude, determination, energy, defiance. Ability to endure hardship. Success.
Negatives: Abuse of power, despotism. Failure, disgrace. Weakness (either physical or spiritual), discord, lack of harmony.

Well, especially in War Stories there's a distinct lack of harmony. And I imagine the ship was short on harmony right after she and Wash got married against the captain's orders. But everything positive about that card is pure Zoe.

Represents: Self-examination. A vision quest.
Positives: Self-examination, moderation, wisdom, silence. Hidden Truth. Prudence, withdrawal, circumspection, caution, solitude. Learning through experience; a seeker. May also fortell an upcoming journey.
Negatives: Deception, lies, misinformation. Corruption, concealment. Misguided ideals. Disguise or even fraud.

Jayne. This cap is from the end of Jaynestown, when he's on the catwalk with Mal having some real introspection on his status as folk hero. I think returning to Higgin's Moon really clicked something in Jayne's brain.

Represents: Chance. Blind fate. A situation over which you have no control.
Positives: Good luck. Destiny; fortune. Success. An unexpected turn of events. Promotion or elevation. Victory; obstacles overcome by good fortune.
Negatives: Surplus of acquisitions, dragging at your coat tails. Failure. Bad luck, problems, unexpected harm.

Kaylee with the broken engine part from Out of Gas, in the engine room, where Mal first met her. "Sometimes a thing gets broke, can't be fixed."

Represents: Impartial and unbiased justice. Strict fairness.
Positives: Equity. Victory of the right in general. Fairness, reasonableness, proper balance.
Negatives: Bigotry, inequality, bias. Abuse of justice, complications in legal affairs. Unfair punishment; excessive severity.

Let's face it. There was never anything fair about witch burnings, ever. This isn't something that is likely to change in 500 years.

Represents: Self-sacrifice, with the object of attaining wisdom, special insights, or personal growth.
Positives: Self-sacrifice, growth of wisdom, intuition. Devotion, surrender, renunciation. Giving something up for the sake of something better. Prophecy.
Negatives: Selfishness, self-interest. Political machinations. Petty sacrifices, lack of ties. Loss of something wanted or needed.

My favorite icon in this set.

Represents: Abrupt change; an end to things as they are or were. Death.
Positives: Sudden change; an end to things as they were. Mortality; inevitability. A situation or event that cannot be avoided. Actual death. Sudden collapse of plans. Failure.
Negatives: Destruction, loss, failure of plans. Apathy, loss of hope or faith. Changes for the worse.

Nandi's death represents an end to things as they were at the bordello. Inara says that she taught her girl's well, but things aren't going to be the same there. Also, the conclusion Inara comes to leads to her decision to leave Serenity.

Represents: Patience, self-control, willingness to learn understanding.
Positives: Patience, accomodation, moderation, frugality, temperance, reflection. Diplomacy; impartiality.
Negatives: Disunion, lack of harmony. Competing interests; unfortunate combinations or alliances (such as socially unacceptable marriages or alliances). Frustration, impatience.

Ah, Jayne. Public relations specialist aboard Serenity. This cap is from the pilot, when they're trying to get Badger to pay them and Jayne is ready to draw his gun but finds about ten guns drawn at him in turn and Mal gives him a Look.

Represents: The struggle between the supreme good and the supreme evil; a choice of conflict between order and choas.
Positives: Hatred, violence, destruction. Turmoil, fatality, bad luck. Willing bondage.
Negatives: Pettiness, weakness. Blindness, jealousy, illness. Evil fate. Wrong choices. Disaster for one that benefits another.

I'm amused by the fact that the worst enemy that Mal et al have come across looks like your little old uncle. While I don't know that I'd call Mal "supreme good," Niska certainly has "supreme evil" covered.

Represents: A setback; the ruin of all your plans; disaster resulting from your own misuse of power or divine gifts.
Positives: Disruption, adversity, calamity, misery, deception. Unforseen ruin, termination. Disgrace, misery. A financial or personal loss. Unforeseen catastrophe.
Negatives: Still fortells calamities and losses, but of a lesser importance in life. A sudden, unexpected change. Oppression, adversity, deception, tyranny.

The Alliance's descent on Serenity Valley, the bloodiest battle of the entire war.

Represents: Wisdom, immortality, accomplishment of goals, generosity and understanding.
Positives: Wisdom, immortality, spiritual enlightenment. Hope, happiness, intellectual fulfillment. Satisfaction, bright prospects, destiny, insight.
Negatives: Frustration, impotence, theft. Unfulfilled expectations, disappointments, abandonment. Arrogance leading to losses instead of gains.

Well, okay. YoSafBridge doesn't really fit any of the positive aspects of the card, but the negatives fit her to a T in Trash. I think if we got more than 14 episodes, we would have seen more of her.

Represents: Mystery, intuition, psychic ability, deception and danger.
Positives: Caution, hidden danger, hidden enemies. Scandal, error, disillusionment, deception, strife.
Negatives: Deception and danger to a lesser degree of importance. Instability, unimportance errors, silence.

River. Duh.

Thanks opalexian!

Represents: Happiness, contentment, success. Fulfillment. Gifts received.
Positives: Triumph, success, happiness, accomplishment, contentment. Achievement; success and honors. A new beginning and birth (of a child, project, idea, or career). Material blessings, a joining (such as marriage) which will be happy.
Negatives: All the same things, but to a lesser degree. This is never a negative card.

The strawberries were part of Shepherd Book's passage onto Serenity, a joining which was a good thing. Well, I think so, anyway.

Represents: Final decisions made; a new life beginning; results, outcomes, conclusions. The end of doubts; answers to questions.
Positives: Determination, decision, result, outcome. An introduction; a fresh start, a new beginning. Problems resolved; questions answered. Change, rebirth, renewal: a radical but positive change in life or circumstances.
Negatives: Delay, deliberation, results postponed, weakness, cowardice. Possible punishment for any of these traits.

In Ariel, Simon takes River to the diagnostic ward in order to see whatthe Alliance did to her and hopefully see how to help her. He discovered at the very least that they stripped her amygdala, and withthe information he downloaded he felt that he could treat her psychosis more effectively.

Represents: Perfection, attainment. Goals reached, development or learning completed.
Positives: Completion, perfection, synthesis, ultimate change. Honesty and truth; assured success, harmony, attainment. Graduation; completion of a cycle. Recongnition, reward, acclaim.
Negatives: Negation, sacrifice of love or goals. Flight. Stagnation, inertia. Payback for evil deeds.

This was a hard one, but eventually I came to use a cap from the end of the pilot - where Mal offers Simon the position as the ship's medic after a "good day." I had to piece together the icon in order to get them both in there, but I like it.
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